Ref. 170-V | Stamping press WITH REDUCTOR manufactured in steel, chrome plated and painted in epoxy

- Stamping press WITH REDUCTOR (relation 1 to 8) manufactured in steel, chrome plated and painted in epoxy.
- Cylinder diameter of 200 mm with knurled lower roller for better grip.
- Upper cylinder with oscillating bearings.
- Flat bar capacity 748 mm wide and 1600 mm long.
- Works by means of a wheel.
- Maximum opening of 65 mm between cylinders.
- Millimetric measuring scale integrated to control the cylinder pressure.
- 4 revolving rollers and two copper side guides integrated for optimum slide and direction of the flat blade
- 4 regulators incorporated to balance the flat blade.

- Dimensions of press:
- length: 1000 mm.
- width: 815 mm.
- height: 1400 mm.
- Approximate weight of press: 230 Kg.


- ANTIDEFORMATION rigid fibre flat blade 748x
1600x20 mm.
- 695x1600x3 mm felt.
- 695x1600x5 mm felt.
- Special wooden packaging for press.