Beaux Arts Reig: 50 years of passion and tradition

The company was created in 1970 by Miguel García Reig who began to shape the first technical drawing tables. From this would emerge a large consolidated company as is today Beaux Art Reig.

From a table to all the tools to engrave

Currently, Beaux Art Reig offers a wide range of tools for crafts, fine arts and technical drawing. From tools for engraving or embossing to tools for the restoration of furniture or aluminum plates through presses for engraved linoleum.

Fine arts craftsmen

Behind all this hides the love and passion for the craft. Each tool has been designed with delicacy and effort, always thinking about the practicality for the artist. Beaux Arts Reig is a family business that has grown thanks to the effort and entrepreneurial creativity of its owners, still leading the firm. And so it has managed to become what it is today: a large industry with state-of-the-art machinery and trained personnel, being a benchmark in Europe.

With a web site dedicated to fine arts lovers, Beaux Arts invites you to visit our product sheets because There is always a Reig for you.

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